LIGHTHOUSE: An Illumination

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Photo: Lama Foundation
  • Where to launch our pilot Lighthouse? Who are the team of collaborators that are going to bring this to life?
  • Will people be able to commit to routine community engagement with their already overly busy work/family/social commitments? How many hours a week can people commit to participating and serving at their local Lighthouse?
  • How to provide a safe space open to all without falling into pitfalls and shadows of Wokeism and Cancel Culture, which risks alienating the broader community?
  • What role do the children play, and how can they be integrated into the community in a way that goes beyond modern conceptions while still being realistic to the safety needs of many Western parents?
  • Can the magic of an intentional community like PachaMama be replicated when removed from the lush tropical jungle and taken into the modern streets of America? What part of the magical recipe involves leaving home and being in an exotic location surrounded by nature with people from all over the world? See this essay.
  • How to create Lighthouse blueprints that can catalyze a mycelium of emergent communities while maintaining clear accountability processes and ethical precepts?
  • How to avoid becoming a cult? See Jamie Wheal’s “How To Spot A Cult” checklist.
  • How to reclaim and restore the word “God” to its mystical roots, seeing all in God and God in all? How to create an open, inclusive congregation that actually stands for something, such as a remembrance of omnipresent Divinity and sacred principles of Truth, Beauty and Goodness?
  • Can we regenerate “sacred spaces” such as dying churches that already concretely exist in most communities around the country? How to not turn off atheists or Traditional Religion-traumatized individuals if operating out of these reclaimed spaces?
Can we regenerate abandoned “sacred spaces” and transform them into Lighthouse?
This was once a church in NYC that was converted into a community performing arts space.
  • Tucker Walsh: Tucker is a lighthouse for Spirit and travel guide for Soul helping to navigate the miracle of Life through storytelling, ceremony and celebration. He is currently exploring transformative communities around the globe, apprenticing to ancient and emerging ways of Being, Doing and Becoming. In his previous life, Tucker was an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker.
  • You! If you’re interested in co-creating this emerging vision, please reach out at:
Tucker Walsh (Photo by Juliette Carman)
  • Collaborate with a designer to create a website, look & feel, vision board and manifesto film.
  • Create a strategic financial proposal and investor’s guide.
  • Determine a first location for the launch of a Lighthouse pilot.
  • Create an initial Core Team including locals from the community and determine roles, volunteers vs. paid staff, commitments, etc.
  • Draft initial programing, facilitators, format and community outreach approach.
  • Secure funding.
  • Set a launch date.
  • Pray. Laugh. Learn. Celebrate.



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Tucker Walsh

Tucker Walsh

Tucker is a lighthouse for Spirit and travel guide for Soul helping to navigate the miracle of Life through storytelling, ceremony and celebration.