Mapping the WeSpace world

Tucker Walsh
4 min readNov 1, 2023


A guide to WeSpace practices & communities around the globe

A Brief Overview

WeSpaces are collectives that practice awareness of as well as relating with the intersubjective field. Intersubjective is the shared space of consciousness which exists between two or more people.

WeSpace is the space between and among us, as distinct from the space solely inside or outside us. -Integral Christian Network

Circling, Authentic Relating, Relatefulness, Emergent Dialogue, Collective Presencing and Insight Dialogue are just a few of the ever-growing number of WeSpace practices.

This article is an attempt to map, categorize and briefly overview the various practices as well as the communities, teachers and resources engaging in WeSpace work.

Most WeSpace practices fall into one of three categories. While all practices have the potential to be experienced from all three orientations, each is primarily preferencing one over the others.

  1. Interpersonal Relating practices primarily orient on the personality level. There is an emphasis on individuals relating with other individuals, and with the group as a whole, via our present moment psychological parts, archetypal expressions, emotions, body sensations, projections and stories. Some practices emphasize relating to conceptual topics & ideas while others strictly prohibit “story” and are more emotional & sensorial focused.
  2. Field Relating practices include the interpersonal while also inviting participants to connect from the space between each other, from the unique energetic field that the group is both shaping and being shaped by in every moment. Sometimes there is an experiential felt sense of connecting to the soul of the group, or speaking from the collective heart or evolutionary impulse. There is often emphasis on tracking the group experience as a whole, as one dynamic being, which is often referred to as “the field.”
  3. Awakening Relating practices are intended to bring states of spiritual awakening into the relational aspects of life. Usually these practices guide participants into meditative states where individuals recognize the boundless spacious awareness in which all arises as and from, creating a shared experience of oneness in the WeSpace. Participants then engage in interpersonal or field relating practices while coming from a newly awakened vantage point, which can both change the quality of the relating experiences while also helping stabilize meditative states in relational contexts.

Below is a list of currently active WeSpace practices and communities that I am aware of. If you have suggestions or additions, please let me know :)

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Interpersonal WeSpace Practices & Communities

  • T Group (Jason Digges, Rachel Zurer and others)
  • Starter Cultures (Carol Xu, Sarah Durlacher, and Justin Navetski)
  • Forum (Tamera Peace Research & Education Centre)

Field WeSpace Practices & Communities

Awakening WeSpace Practices & Communities

WeSpace Resources

Ubuntu saying. Art by Jaysen Matthew Waller

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