Post-Healing Intentional Communities (Part 1)

Art by Alex Grey

The Question On My Heart

Where does one go when they’ve come out the other side of their Healing Journey and are called to be of service by creating, living and celebrating a new possibility for humanity in the form of a collective community called Home?

An Orienting Map

  1. Pre-Healing
  2. Healing
  3. Post-Healing

It’s Not Linear, Except When It Is

Art by Christina Smith

Laying The Old Stories To Rest

Art by Danielle Klebes

Painting My Dreams

Art by Mahfuzur Rahman

Three Paths For Post-Healing

Art by Domé Moon
  1. Stay Put and Serve: Turn around and help a lending hand by serving others on their Healing Journeys in the very community(ies) that helped enable one to enter the Post-Healing phase of life. Often this looks like becoming a workshop facilitator, spiritual teacher, health practitioner, or a counselor/coach/therapist/guide.
  2. Return Home: Sometimes one must consciously leave the very communities that helped them heal in order to break free of their old ways of being, marking a clear start of a new chapter in a new land. This can involve returning to a familiar place, perhaps somewhere they once called home, entering from a new foundation of psychological health and spiritual awakening that grounds their souls in service of those who may largely be operating from a Pre-Healing or Healing orientation. Sometimes this can even look like returning to our old careers or the lives we temporarily left behind, though doing so from a new psycho-spiritual foundation.
  3. Pioneer a New Direction: A third path I often see are those who leave their healing communities with the mission of bringing to life something that’s never been created before, often deeply rooted in a vision that feels infused with soul and spirit, as if it’s larger than any one being yet coming through the vessels of specific individuals holding the torch of this Dream.

A Community Vision

Art by Melani Pyke

Every Day is Birth Day

Art by Calvert Brown
Art by Sustrans Showcase
  1. This vision was in-part inspired by a brilliant essay called “The Three Journeys” by Aviv Shahar and Kyriaki Nikandrou. Coming soon: A Portals conversation with Aviv, myself and others where we explore our Three Journeys stories.
  2. The Neverending Healing Journey” podcast on Life As A Festival exploring some of that traps of contemporary Healing culture.
  3. There are many ways to frame Post-Healing. Bill Plotkin has his own map around Soul Initiation. Richard Rohr explores “the second half of life.” Marc Gafni discusses Pre-Tragic, Tragic, Post-Tragic. Dick Swartz and Internal Family Systems refer to operating from the Larger Self. Dr. Tom Habib has a map for relationships where Post-Healing could be referred to as beginning at First Love (Stage 4). They’re all distinctly unique and, perhaps, pointing to a similar essence.



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Tucker Walsh


Tucker is a lighthouse for Spirit and travel guide for Soul helping to navigate the miracle of Life through storytelling, ceremony and celebration.