Roll of the Dice

Tucker Walsh
4 min readOct 29, 2022


A vision for Miracles and a dream for Humanity…


Irina looks at me and boldly declares, “I’m going to roll 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” I laugh out loud as dubious words mumble beneath my breath, “Yeah, right...”

She rolls a six.

She rolls a five.

She rolls a four.

She rolls a three.

She rolls a two.

She rolls a one.

We pause for a timeless moment and smile at each other. Then, instinctually, I pick up the die and say:


I roll a four.


I roll a three.


I roll a two.


I roll a one.

We burst out into laughter, though mostly that awkward laughter of having just experienced something extraordinary that simultaneously felt completely ordinary…perhaps even expected.

The odds of this happening are 0.00000001653817%

The Odds Are Even

Miracles don’t seem so miraculous these days. Especially not with Irina and me. We routinely complete each other’s sentences. Have the exact same thought at the exact same moment. We can sometimes feel each other’s energetic shifts even when we’re thousands of miles apart. When there’s not miracles happening between us, that’s when it actually feels like a miracle.

Irina and I met at PachaMama, an Osho-inspired spiritual community in Costa Rica almost exactly one year ago. For the past 12 months, we’ve spent an enormous amount of time together spanning four continents and endless portals of magic, some of which involved connecting on realms beyond the physical dimension of reality.

So perhaps it’s not shocking that we are increasingly becoming One Mind, or that One Mind is increasingly becoming us.

As beautiful as this is, what I’m most excited about is the potential to expand this One Mind miracle into larger, wider and deeper circles throughout the human species.

Imagine, if you can, what it would be like for every human on the planet to be connected in this way, as if we’re all One Mind displaying brilliant fractals of diversity, like a kaleidoscope that is both many parts and one experience, simultaneously. When one fractal changes, the rest shape-shift with effortless grace.

Perhaps on some level, or even on every level, this is already happening. Life itself and the timelesss, boundless consciousness that gives rise to it are one organism with infinitely interconnected nodes that adapt, evolve and dance together through time and space.

Part of this dance is the potential to become increasingly conscious of this experience, syncing and sinking ever more fully, wholly and holy into its possibilities.

This seems to be what’s happening with Irina and me. We’re becoming conscious of what is always the case while simultaneously witnessing (and experiencing) what’s newly unfolding with expansive awe.

Art by Alex Grey

Prototyping Miracles

My dream is to live in a land-based intentional community where its participants become conscious players, creators and recipients of the miracles that unfold when intimacy, connection, devotion and service collide into the endless arms of unconditional Love.

If two people can become One Mind, certainly three people can. Possibly 10. Maybe even 10 million.

If you share this vision, this essay could be the sign you’ve been waiting for. Maybe we’re meant to fall ever more deeply into the Love that we already are. Together, as One.

It’ll be a roll of the dice. Maybe there’s only a 0.00000001653817% chance it will work out. But hey, let’s be realistic…I’m expecting miracles :)

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Tucker Walsh

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