The Gift of Separation

Tucker Walsh
2 min readApr 20, 2021

The following is a reflection from a psilocybin experience in October of 2020.

I as “Tucker” disappeared and become one with Oneness, which I can best describe as Nothingness. There was no me, no thoughts, no Earth, no time or space, nothing. There was absolutely Nothing.

Eventually, I as consciousness experienced myself creating The Dream character of Tucker in the form of Somethingness.

It was very clear what was happening: Nothingness was creating the Illusion of Separation to experience itself as Somethingness. I felt “myself” going back into the Illusion of Separation, but here’s the catch: it was the greatest, most sacred act of Love ever imaginable.

Without the Illusion of Separation, there would be no Tucker, no you reading this, no trees, no rainbows, no falling in love, no tears of grief, no wars, no elections, no mom and dad, no adorable newborn babies, no sunsets and sunrises, no anything. Without Separation, there is literally Nothing. The Illusion of Separation allows us to experience Life itself!

What a paradox that the very Separation which is creating so much suffering in the relative world which I call The Dream is in fact actually the greatest Gift we could have ever possibly dreamed up. It is, for me, the most phenomenal act of love conceivable.

My Dream now is to help create a world in which the Grief of Separation transmutes into the Gift of Separation, where all humans awaken to the consciousness of Oneness that connects us all while celebrating our Sacred Separation here in The Dream.

Let us awaken our species to Spirit while individually awakening to our singularly unique authentic expressions of Spirit, which I call Soul. A mutual embodying of our shared Nothingness and our unique Somethingness.

May it be so.



Tucker Walsh

Community Weaver & Co-Founder of Constructing Consciousness