Transformational Communities

Tucker Walsh
5 min readJan 7, 2022

An ever-evolving map of communities around the globe!

Over the past few years, I’ve had the blessing of going on a soul-guided journey around the world visiting, living and participating in various intentional communities and healing centers ranging from electricity-free ecovillages, to modern day monasteries, to tantric sexuality temples.

Along the way, I’ve met hundreds of people who have been to dozens of other communities. One day I started compiling a list…

This project is ever-evolving, and I’d love your help! Please reach out via if you have feedback or recommendations.

Communities with an *asterisk* are places that I have personally visited. That said, I am not endorsing these organizations, nor do I take responsibility for anyone’s experiences :)

Next Generation Regenerative Villages (a shortlist of the projects that I’m most excited about)

Spirituality & Healing Communities

Meditation Communities

Plant Medicine Communities

Ecological Communities

CoLiving Communities

Communities In-Development

Retreat Centers

Workshops & Trainings (In-Person)

Festivals & Gatherings

Resources & Inspiration



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